Spartanburg Art Museum: Family Fundays

Family Fundays!

We got to check out the Spartanburg Art Museum Family Fundays this past Sunday! Family Fundays are family friendly art classes held the second Sunday of each month, September through May. You can drop in anytime between 1:00-4:00. It is definitely worth checking out! If your kids like being creative, making messes, using their imagination, and making cool stuff, this is the place. And the BEST part…. It’s NOT in your HOUSE.


Classes are held in the 2D Studio on the second floor of the Montgomery Building at the Chapman Cultural Center.

This week’s theme was Pop-Up Recycle Shop. They had tons of recycled materials from buttons and bottle caps to beads and army men. There were a few ideas printed out to get your mind going on some creative ways to use the recycled items.

Parenting Pros.

The parents’ perspective…

It’s NOT in your house

All materials provide, just show up

Family-friendly atmosphere

Drop-in so you can stay as long or short as you want

Only $5 per child

Good for developing fine motor skills and thinking outside the box (see Nerd Alert)

Kid Talk.

What the kids had to say…

“We loved it”


“We got to do art!”


“So much fun!”




“Can we do that everyday?”

Nerd Alert!

Developmental skills addressed:

Fine motor and visual motor skills (cutting, coloring, picking up small buttons and items, looking at an example and copying it, etc)

Ideation (coming up with new ways to use common items-“how can I make this button look like a cloud”, thinking outside the box, creativity, innovation)

Sequencing/Planning (once the idea is there, how can they get it from an idea to actualization)

Family (working together to make something, bonding)

Sharing (sharing materials, space, etc)

Upcoming Family Fundays!

Family Funday 4.8.2018: DIY Kites

Family Funday 5.13.2018: Seed Head

More to do at the Spartanburg Art Museum


March is Youth Art Month! You can go check out art from kids all over Spartanburg County on display in the museum. There is even a fun scavenger hunt to make it a more interactive activity!


There are also lots of other kids’ classes offered at the Spartanburg Art Museum, including Creating in Clay, beginning March 19! Click here to see the full list of classes.

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