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Last summer we started a series called Picnic and Play. We all know that our local parks are great places to picnic and play but we wanted to scope out some other places that would be fun, too!  We spent a few weeks checking out some of the great picnic and play places around Spartanburg. To kick off the series, we did a “progressive picnic” with our kids and packed our bags full of snacks for each place, a blanket, and a few simple toys.  We reviewed each stop and put all of the info in the Picnic and Play Planner below!  Do you know of any other awesome picnic spots in our area?  We would LOVE to hear from you or see your pics on social media!  Tag us @hubcitykids or use #hubcitykids !


The Cottonwood Trail

What to bring:

🍗Picnic Lunch⠀
🌿Nature Scavenger Hunt⠀
🐞Bug Catcher⠀
🕷Bug Spray⠀

Things to Do:⠀
🌲Nature Walk⠀
🏈Play in the field⠀
💦Walk around the wetlands⠀

💫Helpful Hints:⠀
It’s a bit of a walk to the picnic tables so just be prepared for that. If you start at the
Beechwood Drive entrance you just walk until you see the bridge and cross to get to the picnic tables.

Click here for directions!



Glendale Shoals

What to Bring:⠀

💦Water shoes and toys ⠀
☀Sunscreen ⠀

Things to Do:⠀
Nature trails
Scavenger Hunt ⠀
Walk down to the water and play⠀
Walk through the gardens and maze ⠀
Explore the remains of the old mill⠀
Take pictures on the bridge ⠀

💫Helpful Hints:⠀
One picnic table is in direct sun and the other is a bit overgrown- we found a perfect spot
on a big rock in the river! Shady and cool.

Click here for directions!


Andrews Farm

What to Bring:⠀

⚽Soccer ball⠀
🏈Other games to play in the grass ⠀
💦Nets or cups to play in the water ⠀
👟Shoes that can get wet (and clothes too 👌🏼)⠀
🔵Blanket ⠀
🍗Lunch ⠀

Things to do: ⠀
Tons of open space to play and run⠀
Creek to play ⠀
Lots of shade ⠀

💫Helpful Hints: We could NOT keep our kids out of the water…be prepared with an entire outfit change! . There is a picnic table but we had a big blanket to put in the shade and that worked well. Warning: no potties close by…

Click here for directions!


The Hub City Railroad Museum

What to Bring:⠀⠀

⚽🏉 Games to play in the grassy area⠀⠀
Things to Do:⠀⠀
🛤 Watch for the trains⠀⠀
🚂 Watch the model train in the caboose ⠀⠀
🚦Learn about Spartanburg’s railroad history in the Hub City Railroad Museum⠀⠀
🏃🏻Run and play in the grassy area⠀⠀
💫Helpful Hints:⠀⠀
There really isn’t a shady area here so it would be good to go earlier before it gets too hot. ⠀⠀
The museum and caboose are open Wednesday and Saturday 10-2.⠀⠀
It’s the perfect stop on your way to or from the Farmer’s Market on a Saturday morning!

Click here for directions!


Croft State Park

What to bring:⠀
🎣 Fishing poles⠀
💦Water shoes ⠀
🔴 Nets or cups for playing in the water ⠀

Things to Do:⠀
•Walk down the Palmetto Trail to the water and play in the creek ⠀
•Play at the playground⠀
•Boating: kayaks and canoes available for rent 🚣🏾‍♀️⠀

💫Helpful Hints: There are several different pavilions. There is one near lake Craig if you are interested in fishing or boating. There is also a pier to fish off of or you can walk down the trail and find a bench in the shade. ⠀

We loved walking down the Palmetto Trail to Fairforest Creek and playing there. .

Click here for directions!



Drayton Mills

What to Bring:⠀

🚴‍♀️ Scooters or bikes ⠀
🍽 Lunch ⠀

Things to do:⠀
Ride bikes on sidewalk or down Drayton Mills trail⠀
Get coffee (or chocolate milk) at Bella Latte ⠀
Play cornhole at Bella Latte ⠀

⠀⠀ 💫Helpful Hints:⠀
There isn’t really a shady spot for a picnic but there is an open grassy area. This would make a great morning activity, especially if you want some coffee while the kids ride their scooters ☕. 🚗We parked at the marketplace but you could also park at Mary Black to get on the trail.

Click here for directions!




What to Bring:⠀

🗑Trash bag (no trash cans)⠀
🥗Food for the ducks (click here to see a list of healthy food for ducks!) 🙅🍞⠀

Things to do:⠀
Lots of open space to run and play⠀
Fly a kite ⠀
Climb trees⠀
Explore the creeks and ponds⠀
Feed the ducks ⠀

💫Helpful Hints:⠀
There were a good many fire ant hills scattered throughout so just be careful where you decide to play.

Click here for directions!


Don’t forget to download a FREE copy of our Nature Scavenger Hunt to take with you!  Our kids loved exploring and checking off the boxes for everything we found!


Click here to download>>> hub-city-kids-spartanburg-sc-NatureScavengerHunt




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