Park Week: Anchor Park

⚓️ANCHOR PARK⚓️: One of our favorite parks! It has a great view of Lake Bowen, American Ninja Warrior-type obstacles, and restrooms near the playground 🙌🏻⠀

📍8515 Hwy 9 Inman 29349

🚗: The parking lot is close to the park entrance and easy to find.⠀

🚽: There is an air conditioned, clean bathroom.⠀

☀️: There is plenty of shade with several benches and swings! You may even get to sit for a few😜⠀

🍽: There are several shaded picnic tables inside the fence of the playground and a covered pavilion. ⠀

🔲: The playground is fenced in with an opening for the bathrooms and several gate entrances scattered around. There is water on 3 sides of the playground, so closing the gates and watching the exits closely is a must.⠀

🚴🏽: No bike paths, leave the scooters at home!⠀ *Please use your own discretion and only go to a park where you feel comfortable and safe*


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