Hub City Valentines!

If you like really bad puns, play on words, and representing your hometown-these Valentines are for you!  We turned a few of our favorite spots in Spartanburg into some super cute Valentines that you can download for FREE below!  We have some fun ideas for treats to go with a few of them.  You could choose to go with just one and send with a treat or print out a variety and give the cards to your friends at school, work, home, etc.! Hope you enjoy them!


This is the Art Bulb at the Hub City Farmers’ Market. We thought it would be cute to give this Valentine with popcorn.

Click here to download “You A-MAIZE Me… Sorry if that sounds Corny”


The Love Where you Live hole at Sparkle City Mini Putt is one of my kids’ favorites. This card would be cute with a little bag of plastic golf balls and colored golf tees.  The Dollar Tree has 8 plastic golf balls for $1.00!

Click here to download “Thanks for putt-ing up with me, Valentine!”



You can’t follow a TRAIL without Trail Mix. Add a little baggie of healthy trail mix to send with this card.

Click here to download “Follow the TRAIL to my heart”


“Canoe” think of anything super cute to go with this Valentine?  The Dollar Tree has a three pack of toy boats that could make for a cute treat!

Click here to download “canoe BE MY VALENTINE?”

We love this cute Valentine that represents our growing downtown so well, but we’re stumped!  Any ideas for a treat we could attach?

Click here to download “What Mor-gan I say?


It would be “trolley” cute to pair this card with some fun transportation stickers!

Click here to download “You are “TROLLEY” the best, Valentine!”


The Hub City Railroad Museum Caboose card would be cute with a cheap toy train, train erasers, train stickers, or bag of Utz pretzel wheels that look like train wheels.

Click here to download “I Rail-ly like you, Valentine!”

We have several new Valentines for 2020! A few more of our favorite places and a few with our 2020 partners!

The water table at The Children’s Museum of the Upstate-Spartanburg is our kids’ all time favorite. This would be a fun Valentine to give your kids with some tickets to the Children’s Museum!

Another idea if you are giving to a classroom of kids would be little squirt toys for playing in the water.

Click here to download “Water you up to” Valentine!

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a tooth pun and to highlight one of our 2020 Gold Level Sponsors, Pine Street Dental. Go for a non-candy Valentine with this one…maybe a toothbrush or some floss??

Click here to download “I’m telling the tooth!” valentine!

I’m sure our friends at The Farmer’s Table thought we were crazy when we asked for a picture of bacon on a random Saturday morning. Ba-con you blame us?! My mouth is watering just looking at the cartoon version. This Valentine would be great given with a pound of bacon (I’m not joking) or even better, a gift card to The Farmer’s Table so you don’t have to cook the bacon yourself!

Click here to download “Don’t go bacon my heart” valentine!

We couldn’t decide between “I love you big time” or “Be my Valen-time”. But either way we wanted to feature the clock tower downtown. Not sure what you could give with this Valentine- an Apple Watch would be nice lol. JK JK.

Click here to download “Be my valentime”!

Where have you BEAN!?? This Valentine would be cute with some coffee or a coffee shop gift card.

Click here to download “Where have you BEAN”

We’ve seen a lot of the fruit valentines as an alternate to candy. Get a bunch of bananas and make cute, healthy Valentines for the whole class featuring this fun mural in downtown Spartanburg.

Click here to download “I’m bananas for you” valentine!

This one might be a bit of a stretch but we loved it. Glendale Shoals is one of our favorite places to visit in Spartanburg. Such a unique little area. Who has some fun ideas to give with this Valentine?

We were thinking you could pair this Valentine with painted rocks to hide, trail mix, a bucket, magnifying glass, or these cute scavenger hunts for exploring the shoals!

Click here to download the Glendale Shoals Valentine!

We hope you enjoy these punny little Valentines!  We would love to see how you get creative and spread the love!  Tag @hubcitykids on instagram, facebook, or twitter!


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