Hub City Kids at the Farmers’ Market

As you know, we love to promote local activities, community involvement, health, and creativity. If there is one place that falls into all of those categories, its the Hub City Farmers’ Market. This is one of our favorite places to be on a Saturday morning. They do such a great job of creating a family friendly atmosphere. They have local farmers with fresh produce, live music, cooking demonstrations, kids activities with Converse College, Junior League’s Kids in the Kitchen, Egg Hunts, Pumpkin Carving contests, Trick or Treating, and the list could go on. They even had Elsa at the market one year. That scored major points in our house.

We started Hub City Kids in March 2017 and our first venture was to get involved at the Hub City Farmers’ Market. It felt like a natural fit.  Our kids loved running around in the grassy area at the back of Northside Harvest Park so we thought it would be great to bring some yard games to encourage even more movement and activity.


The Farmers’ Market is where we get to put all of our ideas into action and meet other families in Spartanburg. We set up yard games, hand out scavenger hunts, have kids use their senses to “Name that Produce”, do taste tests, vote for Sneaky Snack Sunday, and anything crazy we can think of that week! We love our local farmers’ market and the amazing atmosphere at Northside Harvest Park. We have had so much fun over the last year meeting families at the market and seeing the kids enjoy the games and try new foods. Here are some highlights from the Hub City Kids tent during the 2017 Market:


Yard Games and Activities:

Each week, we bring  a lot of different yard games. We usually have a parachute, tailgate golf, zoom ball, tic tac toe, jump rope, blocks, hula hoop toss, yoga, bubbles, balls, and more to keep the kids moving. We love seeing everyone playing together and being active outside!


Name that Produce


“Name that Produce” was a game we started in May and the kids had so much fun with it that we decided to do it each month and just change it up a little. The kids have to uses their senses to “Name that Produce”. Sometimes they had to reach into a container and feel the produce and try to guess what it was, sometimes they had to smell it, taste it, or match the seed to the correct fruit. We tried to cover all of the senses to get the kids interacting with some healthy produce! We were shocked each time by how accurate the kids were! These kids know their fruits and veggies!



At the August Market the “Name That Produce” was a smelling contest. Kids had to smell what was in each bag without looking and match it to the correct fruit, vegetable, or herb. We had grapefruit, pepper, strawberries, garlic, onion, and lemon.


In September the kids tasted different types of apples and had to guess which kind of apple they tasted. October was also a taste test but the kids were able to vote for their favorite flavored pumpkin seed to be used for Sneaky Snack Sunday. Pizza flavored pumpkin seeds were the winner!



We partnered with Burn Boot Camp-Spartanburg in October to do a really fun activity at the Farmers’ Market. They brought some of their equipment and did a fun/interactive boot camp for the kids and it was a hit! Check out some of the pictures from October. 




Come see us at Northside Harvest Park this April! We will be at the Hub City Farmers’ Market Winter Harvest held at Ciclops Cyderi and Brewery this winter on January 20, February 17, and March 17! We will still have fun activities for the kids, but in a different location!

**If you would like for us to set up a tent and activities at your event or help you plan a meetup or kids event, contact us at and see our Advertise page for more information!



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