Homemade Vanilla Granola

We ate at Ice Cream and Coffee Beans over the weekend and my son begged me to make some “bananas and coffee beans” like the fruit cup they have there. They still have no clue what coffee beans are. I told him it was actually just oatmeal on top of the bananas and we could easily make it at home. So we gave it a shot! I will say that next time I will try a different granola recipe because this one just didnt do it for me. It was okay but really just didn’t have much flavor. I’ll share the recipe just in case you want to try it, but I would probably add a little more honey/maple syrup to it to make it a little sweeter.




4 cups of oats

1/3 cup honey or pure maple syrup

1 Tbsp of coconut oil (or other oil of choice)

pinch of salt

1 tsp of vanilla

1 egg white, beaten until frothy



  1. Line 2-3 baking sheets with parchment paper and preheat oven to 300F
  2. Heat honey, oil, salt, and vanilla in a saucepan until runny
  3. Mix honey into oats and add in the lightly beaten egg. Stir until oats are coated
  4. Pour onto prepared baking sheets, spreading out but leaving some clumps to make the crunchy clusters
  5. Bake for ~25-40 minutes depending on your oven and desired level of crunchiness.

This would be good in yogurt, with a little almond milk, or on top of bananas or other fruit like we did it! Hope you enjoy! If you have any suggested modifications to make a better granola comment below! I will be adding almond slivers next time for sure.

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