Eat the Rainbow Challenge

#SneakySnackSunday : Eat the Rainbow Challenge 🌈🍓🥕🍋🥦🍇

You don’t always have to *hide* the veggies to be sneaky.  Playing this game was so much fun and got my kids to eat every single item in the muffin tin. We used colored dice from our Pop the Pig game and one from a board game. My son asked if we could play this game “the next day, and the next day, and the next day..”. So I would say it was a success. 👍🏼



1. Fill a muffin tin with different colored fruits and veggies (start with several that they really like and just one or two that they don’t like very much so that they will actually want to play 😜)⠀

2. Roll the colored dice to determine which color you have to eat (can put colored stickers on dice or color with marker. Or get creative and use a deck of uno cards, construction paper pieces in a bowl, etc)⠀

3. Roll numbered dice to determine how many bites of that color you have to eat. (We allowed dipping for the vegetables).⠀



Let us know if you try it! Have fun!

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